The Future Of Gaming

The amazing feats of virtual reality.

elite dangerous

If your like the normal gamer you know the feeling to lose to a glitch or to get stuck behind a invisible wall. It’s happened to the best of us before long you have your pc turned off and your mood and day is down the drain It seems no game studio can publish a game without it being full of game breaking bugs or blocked by micro transaction pay walls. But what if you never had to experience this ever again and you could have this today.

The Oculus Quest 2 is a new virtual reality headset that is completely wireless and with a thousand's of games already for it, it truly is the feature of gaming. what is vr or virtual reality one might ask well dear reader virtual reality is a new type of gaming system that you wear like glasses on your head. Using fully computer generated simulation of a three dimensional landscape it is truly a immersive experience. This experience is brought out even more by elite dangerous originally a PC based game that was ported over to vr. This game that came out in 2015 is a very polished experience, it is a space stimulator with no liner story line and no real plot. While this might seem scary or new to a lot of gamers it allows for you to create your own stories and explore your own adventures in the one to one sized galaxy.

For a game with almost limitless possibility's it is definitely not for everyone. If you want a set story with very linier gameplay or if you want very fast paced gameplay this game is definitely not for you. But with the one to one scale open world representation of the Milky Way galaxy you can explore over 400billion solar systems each with fully realistic sized plants, stars, moons and so much more. you can trade, fight space pirates, mine asteroids, ruin galactic market's and even more. With all this greatness there are weak points for example the game is very grind oriented meaning you will spend up to hours just sitting down traveling to get from plant to plant as some have described the game as “to realistic ” or “to grindy” with enough controls to fit on 5+ fully sized keyboards it will take a very long time to get use to and playing this game in vr as most to means you will probably be using a joy stick controller with voice commands.

Elite dangerous is best summed up with these words “Elite Dangerous is not meant to be rated on a one to ten scale. If you want a complex space simulator game its a ten but if you want a fast paced easy to learn game its a one.” I feel this is the only fair way to rate the game. While it is meant to be a PC game it’s really just like any other modern day game but when you add vr to the mix it truly becomes the game of the future.

VR is truly a investment it is very time consuming and can be very expensive. VR can be as cheap as under 100$ for starter headsets and up to 19,330$ want a 8K headset with a full body tracking suit with a treadmill that can move you 360 degrees even upside-down by strapping you in it’s all possible right now! The only problem is while it’s even better then the movies show it is it will probably cost more then your first car at around 20K the average person that wants a true vr immersive to forget about the real world it will cost around 300–600$ This is really the only real reason vr hasn’t blown up while the media may make it seem like that all huge vr games that have been published and had years working on them have all lost money. A person can see spending 600$ on a console or even more for a pc because they can physically see what they bought when it is between a large device with 5 time the storage of some 4 pounds vr set that looks like glasses. You Won’t ever see the true power of vr unless you try it out for yourself.

If you would like more information or have a story you would like me to write feel free to email me at follows are always appreciated :D

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